Will you be paying up?

With so many small businesses relying on Facebook as a means to promote their wares and services but, more than likely, unlikely to have access to social media advice or the time to research and subsequently digest the changes which has seen organic reach drop significantly, I am asking: will you be paying up? Or […]

Happy International Women’s Day, Ladies & Gents!

We celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March and this year’s theme is ‘Inspiring Change’ so it was with great interest that I read a piece on the ‘new’ female consumer in Marketing Magazine which led me to think about how automotive retail appeals to its female customers and how well represented they are in […]

Get off the fence but don’t destroy the vegetable patch!

Are you seeing the same paradox? Social media has created an environment where people are almost expected to state an opinion and the more radical or controversial, the better yet there seems to be a real apathy or possibly a fear to publically comment in the corporate world. Whilst in our personal lives we are […]