Make a splash on LinkedIn!

Having a presence on LinkedIn is a must no matter your business or your occupation. So if you think LinkedIn isn’t for you, think again! If you’re a plumber, painter or plasterer, for instance, or if you’re a teacher, nurse or hairdresser, don’t think the platform is simply for the likes of lawyers, marketers, accountants […]

Get Real!

As a fully signed up follower to the only way is digital, several clients and people I have interviewed have challenged this view recently, without their knowledge. If you had asked me where I thought you should concentrate your budget and time, I would have said, digital, without a second thought. Now, I would still […]

On your marks

It’s that time of year again. School sports day is fast approaching and competing, let alone winning the mums’ or dads’ race, is a bit like trying to create the magical piece of content, be it your company’s or your client’s, which blows the competition out of the water. Commiserations to those parents still obligated […]

Get off the fence but don’t destroy the vegetable patch!

Are you seeing the same paradox? Social media has created an environment where people are almost expected to state an opinion and the more radical or controversial, the better yet there seems to be a real apathy or possibly a fear to publically comment in the corporate world. Whilst in our personal lives we are […]