Will your kids ‘takeaway’ Chinese from school?

We love Chinese and that’s a fact. It’s now Britain’s favourite food having overtaken traditional fish and chips with a quarter of us rating Chinese as our top takeaway dish*. But we’re not so quick to learn the language or even encourage our youngsters to take up Mandarin so are we ready to rally behind […]

Dear Used Car Dealer

Dear Used Car Dealer Most of us start considering our next used car around 18 months before we intend to buy and in the 1.7 months prior to purchase we are particularly active with many of us sending emails or making enquiries via your Live Chat function on your website. If you don’t reply, and […]

To quote or not to quote

Scour the internet and you’ll find quotes for any occasion and any emotion – inspirational, motivational, heart-touching, funny, cringe-making and nauseous. They’re all there for the taking. You may even see your Facebook friends quoting Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein or Mark Twain in a desperate bid to signify their intelligence – we know you […]

A load of old cobblers?!

Cobblers’ children are never well shod, as my dear departed Grandma would often say. What she meant, of course, was practice what you preach, put your money where your mouth is, etc, etc. In researching this blog, I have discovered three pieces of information of interest, to me, at least:- 1) Everyone else quotes the […]