quippe_logotxt_2013.jpgQuippe provides jam-packed content for websites, blogs, magazines, marketing material, conferences, events and panel debates. If you need continually fresh copy for your website, speakers for your conference, experts for your panel debate or sparkling syntax for your marketing messages, Quippe brings content to life ensuring your message catches the eye of your audience.

With specialist experience providing copywriting and marketing services for automotive retailers, B2B automotive conference production and B2B automotive news and feature writing, Quippe provides services to a range of other B2B clients including print and office suppliers, PR agencies, design agencies, education and commercial property consultants and chartered surveyors.

Here, Quippe aims to provide blogging, writing and marketing insights alongside automotive retail and other B2B commentaries as well as observations on life and work.

Blog author is Quippe owner Debbie Kirlew.

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