Is it time for automotive retailers to up the apprenticeship ante?

Apprenticeships as the alternative to racking up a ton of debt at university has gained ground in the great ‘where to go after school’ debate, but until parents are reassured with a defined career path, many will be reluctant to encourage their youngsters to pursue this route immediately after GCSEs. So as we head into […]

Only in the motor trade

What industry has the least amount of graduates than pretty much any other sector in the UK? The motor trade. What industry spends a whopping £100 million a year on training, much of it completely unaccredited? The motor trade. What industry has a tendency to promote their best sales executives into managerial and eventually head […]

Hang up your hang ups and get blogging

More and more businesses have recognised the power of blogging as a means to create fresh and unique content as well as giving their businesses a personality and a voice among the all-important online community. And, sure enough, there are increasing numbers of car dealers who are now blogging but, they are a fairly rare […]