The best boss I never met

When you’ve been in the world of work for a fair few years, chances are you’ve experienced a variety of bosses, some exemplary, some appalling, most somewhere in the middle. However, it’s not until your own child enters the workplace, that you become ultra-critical of leadership skills, managerial approaches and staff interaction. Hence, I came […]

Loving Lidl a Lodl!

I am a new Lidl convert and as far as I am concerned, there’s no going back. A recent trip to my previous store Sainsbury’s (where a quick shop totted up to an almighty £84) confirmed I was making the right choice. Today’s announcement that Sainsbury’s won’t give up without a fight with £150m worth […]

The Internet of Things – Terminator, Big Brother or even more power to the consumer?

Whilst researching for a client’s conference, I would regularly come across references to The Internet of Things (IoT). Up until then, an alien concept, it was quite possible something quite phenomenal was on the horizon which had completely passed me by. Posing a question via Facebook quickly confirmed I wasn’t the only one apart from […]