The Internet of Things – Terminator, Big Brother or even more power to the consumer?

Whilst researching for a client’s conference, I would regularly come across references to The Internet of Things (IoT). Up until then, an alien concept, it was quite possible something quite phenomenal was on the horizon which had completely passed me by. Posing a question via Facebook quickly confirmed I wasn’t the only one apart from […]

Get Real!

As a fully signed up follower to the only way is digital, several clients and people I have interviewed have challenged this view recently, without their knowledge. If you had asked me where I thought you should concentrate your budget and time, I would have said, digital, without a second thought. Now, I would still […]

How the 7Ps were played out at the World Cup

It was a risky but calculated act when Dutch manager Louis van Gaal substituted his team’s goalkeeper with just seconds of extra time left during Saturday night’s nail biting World Cup quarter final before the penalty shootout against Costa Rica. It could have easily backfired but proved to be one of the most inspired decisions […]

Is flexible working the key to more productivity?

The right to request flexible working will be extended to everyone from 30th June 2014 as long as they have been employed continually for 26 weeks. Currently, parents of school age children aged 16 or under or disabled children under the age of 18 and certain carers have the right to request flexible working as […]

Small business warning: Facebook could seriously damage your company’s health

If you’re a fledgling business, chances are the biggest hurdle you will face is how to get noticed without spending a fortune. For many new businesses, the obvious answer appears to lay in Facebook. Create a page for your business, it’s free, post on your profile, persuade friends and family to ‘like’ and before you […]

Solopreneurs – Roll of Honour

With a staggering 3.6 million sole traders or solopreneurs hard at work in the UK today, I realised there was a high number among my own friends and colleagues. Many of us operate from home with one in 10 UK homes ‘housing’ a business and these 2.95 million home-based companies contribute an almighty £243 billion […]